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Learn About The 6 Best Designs in Staircase Chandelier

Learn About The 6 Best Designs in Staircase Chandelier

In addition to illuminating the place, the right selection of a chandelier has the ability to transform your ordinary room into a luxury hotel. In this article, we are going to review some of the best designs in a staircase crystal chandelier that would be a great addition to your home.

Sofary is a leading seller of chandelier in various types and designs. The company specializes in various forms of staircase chandeliers that includes crystal, raindrop, and spiral chandelier.

Moooni Modern Crystal Chandelier

This chandelier is known to be the best chandelier for a staircase. It comes in the design of a large Raindrop. It is the perfect means to add decoration to your 2-story stairwell. It comes in countless raindrop crystals that hang from a stainless-steel base. The design comprises of 4 crystal rings in varying heights.

The drawback of this design is that it doesn’t have the bulbs in it. However, if you ignore this drawback, the glittering crystals of this chandelier add a modern style in the house.

7 PM Moon Shaped Wave Spiral Chandelier

This crystal chandelier has a characteristic shape of the moon that is formed from the raindrop crystals. It has the crystals in varying heights to create the gorgeous waxing crescent. Also, you will find that the moon-shaped crystals form a distinctive spiral arrangement.

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This chandelier is ideal for a 3-story, or 2-story stairway, or an entryway that has got a very high ceiling. Once the giant chandelier is adequately installed, it will look like a star-filled sky with sparkling raindrop crystals in the shape of the moon.

French Empire Crystal Based Chandelier Lighting

This is a large-sized chandelier that is best suited for spacious entrance. The luxurious crystal lighting fixture at the entryway of the foyer is surely going to impress your guests. It has got several crystal balls and the rings from the three-tier structure and the base is wider. It gives a classy touch to your entryway!

7 PM Raindrop Waterfall Crystal Chandeliers

This is a massive and exaggerated form of crystal chandelier for your staircase. It is 3 meters in length and 1 meter in diameter. The staircase needs to be spacious to accommodate this huge chandelier. The only downside of this option is that it is very expensive.

Square Modern Rain Drop Crystal Chandelier

Unlike other types of chandeliers, this option looks formal and grand. The crystal bars and balls form a four-layer structure that resembles an inverted pyramid.

The drawback of this design is that you need to assemble all the crystals by yourself that can take up a lot of time. Another drawback of this design is that you need to arrange GU10 bulbs on your own, as the package does not include it.

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Stair chandeliers are one of the most sought chandeliers in the market. Looking at their exemplary collection of designs, and patterns, you can easily find the chandelier that fits into your existing room requirement and design.

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